Friday, December 29, 2006

Resolution Style

New Year’s Resolutions

What is your style of approaching the New Year? Maybe you like to select one colossal “should” and claim that it is your New Year’s resolution. Maybe you have a list of “would be good” improvements to tackle. Today a friend said this was a time to reflect on the past year and check the focus for the future. Maybe you’ve given up on resolutions all together.

Goals can help us achieve something important and they affirm our efficacy at living the life we want. Sometimes resolutions are difficult because they are too big, too daunting, already reflect something we are averse to doing, … ________________ (fill in the blank for yourself).

This year, make a goal that will bring you joy to accomplish. One year I asked a youngster if they had any New Year’s resolutions. After a short Q & A about the word resolution, my young friend proclaimed that this year “I will go to Build-A-Bear Workshop and two movies.” These are resolutions likely to happen because they will bring joy. Also, they were simple, attainable and represented hopes that were not common experiences for this child.

Is there something that would bring you joy in 2007 that you are unlikely to achieve without making it a goal? This blog will be my goal in 2007. It is a place to publish thoughts on goal setting, leadership and the value of coaching. I hope you will join the discussion.

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