Sunday, February 25, 2007

Process Approach

The New Year is off and running and this is a great time to evaluate your resolution progress. Are you where you want to be? What process do you use to evaluate your progress toward any goals?

If you use a process approach, you will be more productive in reaching goals and evaluating progress. In every field and organization the idea of "process" enters discussions of how to do anything well. It isn't enough to make widgets, we need to define the process of making them and have readily available information about the processes so we can understand the process better and thereby improve processes further. The hope is that this will add value and produce better widgets faster and less expensively.

In your own life have you tried to use a process approach to the goal you want to achieve? What widget is on your list of resolutions that you would like to effectively identify a process for achieving the goal and being able to continuously improve that area of your life even after you reach the goal?

Think "How" do I do that, how can I reach that, how can I understand what holds me back, how, how, how...