Thursday, September 13, 2007

Learning From Others

In addition to learning from reading, I learn from talking to other people. The trick is finding people who know what I need to learn when I need the information. Many people call this "Just in time" learning or information. The internet brings a lot of information, and it is such an interactive media that it affords real dialogue.

When I have face-to-face meetings and conversations, my learning is faster because I can ask questions and interact on more levels. I have some writing projects in process. As the projects progress, I needed information faster than I have been able to acquire it through reading. So I joined a local publishers group. I have learned more in a few meetings of the St. Louis Publisher's Association than I read in the past year. They even helped me decide which books to read next.

Remember to look for a variety of ways to learn. When you set a goal for yourself, see if you can identify any local and/or online groups or communities that can help you accelerate your learning. Group coaching can be effective for similar reasons. Consider gathering a group of people to form around meeting goals. The group can have common goals, or the group can help the members achieve individual goals.

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